The Sweatshop Movement MISSION is to further and foster legitimate hip hop & dance training for youth, in a way that is accessible for anyone & everyone who wants to move!

–> Sweatshop Movement is a 501(c)(3) Charitable Dance Instruction Organization.

–> Sweatshop Movement believes in preserving the arts, promoting awareness for true hip hop culture and providing positive role models for its community. Through the power of dance, Sweatshop Movement speaks to people of all ages, ethnicities and backgrounds, communicating a message of hope, strength, love, community, and the power of giving. Our organization offers community-based hip hop dance programs that expose youth and adults alike, of all economic backgrounds, to the lifelong benefits of dance. We teach classes, workshops and private instruction, and also host various performance and competitive events in hip hop styles of dance.

–> Sweatshop Movement aims to build strong relationships with other grassroots organizations that develop and/or support programs using either hip hop or dance as culturally relevant tools for engaging and empowering youth and adults.

–> Sweatshop Movement is committed to offering fair pay to its instructors and creators, on a per-student basis. We hope that this, in turn, creates and supports a fair future job field for the youth in our program.

–> Long-term goals for Sweatshop Movement are to initiate, provide, cultivate and/or support hip hop dance education programs for underserved youth either through or in partnership with local community centers and dance organizations; to establish ideals and standards for true hip hop dance education; and to develop a scholarship program offering assistance to young dancers in need.

–> Sweatshop Movement is founded and directed by Erika ‘Bozack’ Bozinovski, an activist, artist and ‘hip hop dancer’ living in Madison, WI, teaching for UW-Madison’s Dance Department, and most recently noted for being the first ever recipient of the Madison Hip Hop Award’s “Dancer of the Year.”

Check out our 2013 Promo Video below, courtesy of Angelus Tamerlane Bailey: