MAKE BIG MOVES: a Matching Gift Challenge

For over 8 years, Sweatshop Movement has been bringing dance and hip hop to the youth of Wisconsin in an affordable and accessible way. We have a unique foothold as one of the only Hip Hop-focused programs in the state, and take pride in the work we have brought to diverse communities across Wisconsin over the last decade – work that has brought our programming to over 20 facilities and 6 school districts in various locations over the last 8 years.

When our Sweatshop mission as an organization first began, renting space from local studios and community centers was practical, at the heart of what we did, and an important step for us as an organization to build relationships and support in the communities that we serve. However, over time, as both our student interest and ability grew, it became clear that having a dedicated and professional facility for our students to dream and dance in, was a program need that we would eventually need to meet… and after 5 years planting our roots and growing with the youth of Racine, sharing spaces with some of our community’s finest, our SWEAT family has finally begun our biggest adventure yet: a mission to find a space to call our own, a new home.

After viewing countless properties, and patiently waiting through the unknowns of the pandemic, we set eyes and intentions on what we are proud to now call our NEW HOME on the North side of Racine!! However, with BIG MOVES come BIG Effort, BIG Work & BIG Expense… and while our SWEAT family is certainly NO stranger to any of those, we are also smart enough to know when it is time to formally reach out and ask our community for help! We spent the last few months moving and arranging what felt like a million items of our own into our new space, but find that we are still in need of a few… and also a few key upgrades!

Late this Fall, Sweatshop was contacted by The Osborne and Scekic Family Foundation to let us know they were interested in helping us out.  The foundation is focused on supporting the growth of artists and arts organizations in the Racine community and broadening accessibility to the arts.  They knew firsthand the undertaking we faced, with a full interior reno in its infancy stages and programming continually running. Through their generous offer, we are inspiring you to participate in our MAKE BIG MOVES Matching Challenge. To turn our dream dance space into a reality, we have one month to raise $5,000 to qualify for a matching donation through this generous community partner. Every dollar raised between now and December 15th will be doubled up to $10,000! This means a total of $10,000 to go towards our new space, covering virtually all of the costs incurred!

We are currently in need of and fundraising for: Flooring Installation (Hardwood / Laminate), Mirror Installation / Hanging, Cinderblock Painting, Flooring Installation & some minor tiling. We are currently seeking MONETARY DONATIONS of all sizes, big and small, as every little bit helps when you’re reaching for the stars, and have an awesome team to match! We ask that you please make your gift and share our campaign with friends and family. The more we raise and the more community support we get, the better we can be & do!

**We are a Federal 501(c)3, and all donations made to our program are FULLY TAX DEDUCTIBLE!! **
We appreciate your support & positive energy for our kids and the BIG MOVES they make, especially this dream come true!

To read the Journal Times feature about our non-profit dance academy program, and the journey to our new beautiful space, follow the link here.

Peep our Fall 2020 STUDENT Video release below!!