Sweatshop Movement offers a unique and important scholarship program for young dancers in need. We are committed to getting kids dancing across the globe, and that starts right here at home in Wisconsin.

If you are interested in applying for our scholarship program, please first enroll your dancer in classes, then email us at scholarship@sweat-move.org for a copy of our Scholarship Application packet, or approach us at your first class. Scholarship information is only distributed to current enrolled students. Scholarships are not available for first-time students in our Summer session, due to the short length of the session.

To help you prepare, we will need you to provide several items to us along with your Application in order to be considered for a scholarship for the 2016-17 Dance Season. These items include, but are not limited to:
• 2015 Federal Income Tax Returns
• Copies of recent paystubs or similar verification of wages, compensation, and other income
• A copy of your ‘Lunch Letter’ showing your determination from the School District.
• Written statements about your dancers background in dance, and their interest in starting or continuing their dance training with us.

2016-17 Scholarship Due Dates are as follows:
• SWEAT All-Stars Royalettes & Sparklettes Pom Dance Team Scholarships: Due June 21, 2016
• SWEATshorties & SWEAT Squad Team Scholarships: Due July 1, 2016
• Fall 2016 / Full Year 2016-17 CLASS Scholarships: Due October 9, 2016
• Winter / Spring 2017 Class Scholarships: Due January 29, 2017

Other important details about our Scholarship Application Process:
• 25%, 50% & 75% scholarships may be awarded and decisions are based on financial need and availability of funding.
• For each scholarship awarded, the student is required to fundriase to match at least 50% of the total amount of their scholarship. (i.e. if you are scholarshipped $250, you must fundraise at least $125 towards our scholarship program. Please discuss any fundraising efforts with us. We have suggestions, too!)
• Applicants must reapply each school year and submit an extension form for summer classes when applicable; financial assistance is not automatically renewed.
• Applicants will be notified by email (unless otherwise requested) regarding the status of their application. Please expect at least a 2-4 week turnaround before a decision is made.
• Every dancer will always be expected to pay a minimum of 25% of their tuition, depending on scholarship amount. (75% scholarship, 50% scholarship, 25% scholarship)
• Costume costs and recital tickets are not included in the Scholarship award.
Please Note: Incomplete applications will not be processed or reviewed. A completed application does not guarantee that a scholarship will be awarded, but an incomplete application will never be viewed.