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important dates

* Feb 25 WI Wars!
* Apr 2 Spring Break - NO CLASS this week!
* Apr 24 tapit classes
to be relocated

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hello fellow dancers
& dance families….

with winter officially upon us, and [sometimes] crunching beneath our feet, sweatSHOP movement classes are heating up - and so we bring to you the first edition of our 2012 newsletter, "blast". please take a moment to read the information below, as it contains helpful information
for both you and your dancer!!



tools for sweatshop dancers!!

sweatshop dancer handbook

as the ultimate resource to our sweatshop dancers and families, i have take the time to compile a sweatshop movement dancer handbook! it is available for download from our website, and contains information about class policies, studio policies, our exciting showcase in june, and much much more!! make sure to download your copy today and go over it with your dancer!

class music pages

as we dancers switch gears & begin preparing for our showcase in June, i am assembling a list of additional resources for your dancers, including a class-specific webspace where your son or daughter's showcase-music will be available for download for FREE!! help your little one practice at home, and take advantage of this service! i will be sending emails on a class-by-class basis as music is posted, so make sure to keep your eyes peeled!

spring 2012 class schedule

the spring schedule for classes is officially locked. i'm excited to be expand the number of classes this session, and am looking forward to what the coming years will bring.

the spring session classes are as follows:
  tuesdays 4-5pm youth bboy/bgirl [east] @ tapit
  tuesdays 5-6pm youth hip hop @ tapit
  wednesdays 7-8pm private duet @ storybook
  wednesdays 8-9pm adult hip hop @ storybook
  thursdays 6-7pm youth bboy/bgirl [east] @ storybook
  thursdays 7-8pm youth hip hop @ storybook


please take note of this schedule in the event that you miss a class and would like to arrange for a make-up. please see the dancer handbook for more details...

classes this session are running from the week of january 8th, through to our showcase on june 21st. we are operating a 23-week session, with NO CLASS the week of april 1st - spring break! again, please see the dancer handbook for further details...

new website coming soon!

the website is in progress, [and having a technical difficulty sorted out] but is sure to be an excellent tool for our dancers across the 2012 season. keep your eyes peeled for an email as we launch the new website. who knows what celebration will come with that!

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payments & invoices

checks payable to...

i am excited to say that all of the paperwork is complete and approved for state non-profit status, and that i have begun the formal process of filing for federal 501 (c) (3) status. it is and has been an exciting learning process as i build something i feel our community needs. that being said, all checks from here forward can be made payable to "sweatshop movement, inc." please make note of this in your books.

furthermore, if you'd like more information on sweatSHOP movement, or our non-profits plans, or are interested in supporting us in other ways, please shoot me an email - i'm always eager to share my mission with others.


i know that several of you have requested invoices, and it is my intent to get these out to you as soon as possible. i have been quite bogged down with filing with the state, and an effort to get all of this important information out to you in the newsletter, and have put invoicing on the backburner. please know that any withstanding balances will not be assessed for late fees until after invoicing is complete, and we've gone through one billing cycle after that. MY delay will never cost you money. but please do keep your eyes peeled, and keep emailing about invoices. i promise they are coming very soon, and thank you from teh bottom of my herat for your patience!!

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this is a very important message pertaining to sweatshop students at our east side location, tapit / new works. In early february, tapit / new works sent us the following notice:

"This is just advanced notice that the TAPIT Studio Space will be closed from  Monday, April 23 -  Friday, April 27.  
It will also be closed Friday - Sunday, May 4, 5, 6.   Please mark your calendars."

this message affects one tuesday of classes at the tapit location, on april 24th. i will send reminders closer to the date, and give information when available. i am currently in the process of finding an alternate class location for the tuesday where we will be without a home. please mark your calendars, and my sincere apologies for the inconvenience.

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WI Wars Battle in Madison!

WI Wars Battle Flieron february 25th in madison, wi at the East Madison Community Center is an event you and your dancers don't want to miss... hosted by sweatshop movement, and in collaboration with Life After Hate, is the second installment of a high school age bboy/bgirl battle series, called WI Wars. This event is a state-tournament-style competition for city squads across our great state.

the Madison event will feature a 3-way city battle between Eau Claire, Wausau, and Madison's very own city squad - featuring two of our bboy instructors Billy "bboy Vangy" Vang & Kevin "BenDer" Hongmanivanh. There will also be a hip hop all-styles side battle for hip hoppers from the Midwest, which i will be judging... & the event is all coordinated by sweatshop head instructor Alex "bboy AeFlex" Hanesakda. Whew!

The event starts at 5pm, and wll feature bboys young and old [some the same age as our students!] with cuphers available for everyone!! In Madison, East Madison Community Center is located at 8 Straubel Court near MATC Truax on the city's east side. For more information on the event, please feel free to email us, or visit the event on facebook.

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being a part of the movement

we want to take a quick last moment to thank each and every one of you for being a part of the movement here at sweatshop movement. our hip hop classes are different and unique in that they take the time to focus on TRUE and REAL hip hop and breakdancing technique. this may at times appear different to you than what happens in traditional dance classes, but that because hip hop truly IS different than anything we've ever experienced in a studio. :)

our instructors are proud to take the time to teach your dancers proper hip hop technique, and in such a way that they may develop their own unique style, while also learning skills and new moves. hip hop and breakin', unlike many other forms of dance, are based to a large degree on personal style, as well as freestyle confidence, and it is our hope that we can birth and/or foster that passion within our movers & shakers, and encourage & prepare them to create on their own!

we are grateful every day that people like yourselves are able to see the difference and help us make moves not only in legitimizing the dance, but also in celebrating it. thank you for being a part of the movement!

if you have any questions about our curriculum, progressions, or session goals, OR for more information on the nonprofit, our mission, or how you can get involved, be sure to email us, and we'd be glad to talk about it!

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keep on movin...

peace & be well.

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if you no longer wish to receive the sweatSHOP movement newsletter, please unsubscribe by emailing us here.
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