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important dates

*May 15 balance in full due!! [or NO showcase!]
*Jun 12 tapit classes
to be relocated
*Jun 21 "MAKE MOVES" recital/showcase at the Barrymore!

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hello fellow dancers
& dance families….

spring is in the air, and in our feet, as sweatshop movement dances into a recital season, and prepares for what is sure to be our best showcase yet! please take a moment to read the second edition of our 2012 newsletter, "blast," below, as it contains helpful information for both you and your dancer!!



financial matters

computer issues & update...

in sad turn of events, my laptop took a tumble right before spring break that resulted in my second [expensive!] hard drive replacement in 8 months. i am fortunate enough to regularly back-up my computer, but have still managed to lose lots of data and time.

i am trying to rebuild my computer, and also get back the time lost during our break, meaning that there has been quite a delay in several materials, announcements, and invoices. if you are one of the individuals who has still not yet received an invoice for your balance due this session, please bare with me as I navigate through the restore process and get those to you as soon as possible. if you have a pressing need for you to receive your invoice [tax return, etc.] and you would like to push yours forward, please feel free to send me an email and let me know!

i truly appreciate your patience with this roadbump, and want to remind you that any withstanding balances will not be assessed for late fees until after invoicing is complete, your invoice has been sent to you, and we've gone through one billing cycle after that. MY delay will never cost you money.

free/reduced lunch letters are OVERDUE!

furthermore, regarding billing: if you have spoken to me about rates offered to our students who qualify for free/reduced lunch with MMSD, and your dancer qualifies, this rate is NOT applicable until i RECIEVE your free/reduced lunch letter. these letters are easy to obtain: please call the secretary in your dancer's school's main office, and request someone who can help you - most schools will either have a copy of the letter on file sent to you, or will agree to type/sign a letter from someone on staff stating that your child qualifies for the free or reduced lunch program.

if you have any more questions about obtaining these letters, or would like to speak to me about your rate, please feel free to email me.

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MORE dancer tools!!

class music pages - LINKS!

as we dancers switch gears & begin preparing for our showcase in June, i have assembled a list of additional resources for your dancers, including a class-specific webspace where your son or daughter's showcase-music is available for download for FREE!! help your little one practice at home, and take advantage of this service! links for classes, some with music ALREADY posted, are as follows below:

tuesday - EAST youth bboy/bgirl - 4pm
tuesday - EAST youth hip hop dance - 5pm
thursday - WEST youth bboy/bgirl - 6pm
thursday - WEST youth hip hop dance - 7pm

you will also find important downloads, including your recital info packet, dancer handbook, and any other important information i send home with your dancer available for download on your class page! got a question? check there first and you just may find your answer!

summer 2012 schedule

we are currently in the process of developping and planning space for a full summer line up of classes!! our light summer session is a great way to keep your kids dancing and having fun!

is there something you'd like to see added to our schedule? something you'd like to see more of? a location you'd like us to consider? feel free to shoot me an email. we are always interested in hearing from our customers and making our programming the best it can be!

sweatshop dancer handbook

as the ultimate resource to our sweatshop dancers and families, i have take the time to compile a sweatshop movement dancer handbook! it is available for download from our website, and contains information about class policies, studio policies, our exciting showcase in june, and much much more!! make sure to download your copy today and go over it with your dancer!

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tapit class alert - CHANGE!

in our february newsletter, sweatshop alerted you to an important change in our schedule due to programming occurring at tapit, our east side location, during our class time. the date affected was april 24th, however please note:

we are now able to be in the tapit location on april 24th. our april 24th class will be held at tapit as originally planned.

furthermore, tapit recently alerted us to a different date in june, right before our show, when they will be re-finishing the floors and we will not be able to have class. i am in the process of arranging a "dress rehearsal location" for us to have class at that week, and will keep you posted via email or class handout as we get closer to the date.

But plan on class as usual on april 24th, in the tapit location.

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SHOWCASE (recital) NEWS!

date, time and details

we are very proud to announce that we have booked the barrymore theatre once again for our incredible showcase this june. details are provided for you in your dancer handbook, but just to be sure you all mark your calendars, showcase specifics are as follows:

[our sweatshop movement showcase]

Thursday, June 21st, 2012
Barrymore Theatre
Madison, WI

our dress rehearsal happens the morning of the show, so please plan ahead for an all-day event for your dancers [hangin out with big kid dancers from across the state] and an evening event for yourself! we can't wait!!

costumes! costumes! costumes!

its becoming that time of year where we're getting all sorts of questions about our costumes for this year's showcase. due to the nature of this organization and its mission, emphasis is NOT placed on expensive or catalogue-ordered costumes, but is instead placed on the dancing itself.

costuming for each number is designed in such a way that you will have the option of using pieces already found in your closet as a part of your costume. for many classes you will be given color and article guidelines, and then it is up to you to find the best costume for your dancer that fits within your budget, and matches the color swatches you've been given. the same way that style is important to hip hop dance and breakin, fashion is also an excellent way to reflect your dancer’s unique style in what they choose to wear for our final performance.

we will bring costume info/guidelines for your dancer to class sometime in early may, and we will each bring our actual costumes to class starting in the beginning of June, to make sure our outfits coordinate, and so that i can make adjustments so that we look polished. look for details coming soon!

showcase info packet

while a great amount of information about our showcase can be found inside the dancer handbook, we will be sending out a more detailed info packet a month or so away from our showcase. please keep your eyes peeled for this important information cominhome to you through email, and also with your dancer! in the meantime, if you have any questions, as always, please don't hesitate to email us.

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dancing adults

adult Hip Hop Class Flier
are you an adult or parent looking to get moving yourself? does seeing your son or daughter get busy every week inspire the inner dancer in you? or remind you of your former dancing self? sweatshop movement has been offering a drop in adult hip hop class all winter and spring that is a great way to get fit and have fun!

please click on the flier to the right for more information on how and where to attend, or visit our facebook event for more updated class descriptions and rates. also remember that by signing up long-term for a sweatshop movement class for yourself, the cost for both yours AND your child's classes goes down!! so come join in on the fun! we'd love to move with you too!

still have more questions? send an email my way!

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as always, we want to take a moment to thank you in our closing. we really love what we do, and truly care for your children, and their dance worlds especially. thank you for your dedication to your children, and the things that they are passionate about. i'm sure they appreciate it – and we do too!

keep on movin...

peace & be well.

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