Sweatshop Movement is a 501(c)(3) Charitable Dance Instruction Organization. We are always in the pursuit of accessible funds to help offset the costs of our awesome events and teams.

Furthermore, we have a Student Scholarship Fund that allows us to offer our classes to discounted rates to those who need it most. Students apply for a scholarship with our program, and we (together) collect donations to match a portion of their tuition!! Your donation could go straight to someone who LOVES to dance!!

Donations and Grants make up a large portion of our funding, and YOU CAN HELP TOO!! All donations to Sweatshop Movement are TAX-DEDUCTIBLE!If you are interested in making a monetary donation to our organization, please follow the link below...


Sometimes money isn't the best of only way to donate to a not-for-profit. And sometimes the things we need the most could come from you. All donations to Sweatshop Movement are TAX-DEDUCTIBLE!
Items that Sweatshop is looking for or interested in include:
- Stereo Equipment / PA System
- Costumes
- Poms
- Services like printing or embroidery
- Signage
- Large Bookcases
- Hanging Racks
- Lightbulbs
- Tumbling Equipment (mats, beams, etc.)
- Cleaning Supplies

We are able to issue Community Service Hours for work and time dedicated to our organization, and LOVE HELP!
Volunteer Help positions include:
- Street team / promotion
- Office Assistance
- Bookkeeping Assistance
- Instruction
- Showcase Help
- Security (for events)
- Stage Runner
- Event Assistantce
- Parade Assistance